Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Jackrabbit Road Public Utility District: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

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Jackrabbit Road Public Utility District operates a 5.1 MGD regional wastewater treatment facility in west Houston that serves the District and five surrounding MUD districts. The plant has been expanded several times since it began operation in the 1970’s, and was in need of improvements due to worn equipment, outdated equipment, and increased demand. The District authorized Sander Engineering Corporation (“SEC”) to provide design services for improvements to the lift station pump upgrades, improved influent screening, rehabilitation of the traveling bridge clarifiers, improved sludge handling facilities, blower rehabilitation, chlorination and de-chlorination systems and various electrical/instrumentation upgrades. Four phases of the rehabilitation have been completed at a cost of approximately $6,700,000. A final fourth phase of improvements were completed in 2017 and included replacement of the control building, new submersible, lift station, instrumentation and electrical facilities, as well as major modifications to the aeration basin and air piping at a cost of $4,500,000. Current improvements include the addition of a SCADA system for remote monitoring and operation of the plant and the construction of a flood wall for flood protection.

Client: Jackrabbit Road PUD
Project Manager: Erik Miller, P.E.
Project Location: Harris County, TX
Design Engineer: Bill Manning, Jr., P.E.
Project Cost: $8,000,000

Remington Municipal Utility District No. 1: Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Remington Municipal Utility District No. 1 is one of the largest utility districts in the state. Located in northwest Harris County, the district currently covers over 1,800 acres and serves approximately 5,200 connections. SEC has been the Engineer for this District since its inception in 1984 and has provided engineering services including the design of the District’s 1.1 MGD wastewater treatment plant serving a portion of the District. The plant is a complete concrete facility, built partially above grade and incorporates the use of a sand filter for additional treatment.

Client: Remington MUD 1
Project Manager: Dennis Sander, P.E.
Project Location: Harris County, TX
Design Engineer: Bill Manning, Jr., P.E.
Project Cost: $3,600,000

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